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Haunted House

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Can you hear that? Can you feel it? Have you ever felt like you were never alone on a haunted house? Creepy huh!!

Some people have what they call a sixth sense or third eye, therefore they are able to feel, see or even communicate to a ghost/spirit on a haunted house. But why they call it haunted house? Normally, these are old building or house built years ago. It is considered as haunted by ghost or spirits when tragic events happened like death, which caused a lot of pain and sorrow. It is believed that lost souls are unable to get through on the next life. They have unfinished things to do on Earth and not yet ready to leave their body. They are trapped and therefore, they seek help from the living which has an ability to communicate with them.

During the war in previous years, there are so many places where sick people live until their dying day. An example of which is Clark Air Base Hospital. There were many soldiers who died in this particular place. Sounds spooky!!! According to brave people who went to investigate on this place, you can feel their presence, you can hear voices. It will really make your hair stand on end when inside this creepy building.

There are also rumors on Manila Film Center, CCP Complex Pasay City, when people stay at night inside the building, hears strange voices and moaning. There were many people buried alive when it was under construction. It is believed that the construction was rushed and it collapsed. The eerie voice inside the building is believed that it was the crying workers who are seeking help. It was rushed because the venue is needed to an upcoming event.

In the Philippines, many places are said to be haunted, Baguio is one of them. I remember when we were about to go to Baguio, one of my friends told me, “be careful there because it is creepy, you will never be alone”. Luckily, we stayed in a new building. (Hehe..) Though, I’ve seen so many old houses and hotels which are still accommodating guests.

I have a relatives who are living in Quezon City, believed that they are living in a haunted house. They have bought the house back in the 90’s. According to my cousins, sometimes they feel that they are being watched. These ghosts never harm them and they get used to their presence. They consider them as a family member. They believe that they were the previous owner of the property and don’t want to leave.

Some people believe that it brings fortune for them when a ghost is residing with them like my relatives. Whenever they hear noise or voice and some strange scenario they just ignore it.

Are you brave enough to stay in a haunted house??

Tell us about your ghost experience …

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#1: Guest #1122 (Queen) - at 05:25 on 28 May 2020

Haunted House? Been to some. Many times. Been to Diplomat Hotel in Baguio but I didn't feel anything. Maybe I drank too much coffee at that time. The strong coffee protects me against mumu.