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Sirena or mermaid, according to myth is a sea creature, half woman and half fish.

Mermaid has a very beautiful face, long and curly hair, with alluring voice. They live under the sea, together with Dugong, and other sea creatures. Known as the guardian of the water. They protect and preserve marine life.

They dwell in a kingdom under the sea.

Sirena believed to hate human, it is because the destruction of marine life is caused by the people.

Sirena has an enchanting voice. They will keep on singing until they attract men. By following their voices, he will find them. He will be hypnotized by the mermaid. They will bring him to their kingdom under the sea. And will be the partner of the queen mermaid. Now that he is under the spell, he can never escape from them.

Some stories said that, if they fall in love to a man, she will offer all the riches in the sea. A tear of a mermaid can gives an everlasting life or immortality.

It is also believed that once you are captured by a mermaid, you can never escape from them. Some said if ever you can come back to land you’ll die before you can share your experience with Sirena.

People believed that mermaid is the cause of all disasters in the sea. They punish the fisherman and people who destroy their home.

One of the famous legend in the Philippines is Dyesebel.

A mermaid who use a magical pearl to have a human legs. She fall in love with a man. She was cursed by the other mermaid in the sea, who are envy for her having legs. They took the pearl and sprinkle salt on her legs then it became a tail again. She will then need to go back to the sea forever.

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#1: Guest #1119 (Queen) - at 03:44 on 26 May 2020

When I was a kid, there are rumors in our Barangay that there is a woman who was being possessed by mermaid because she did something bad in our river and the mermaid didn't like it. So one afternoon, a farmer saw a beautiful woman that is unfamiliar and he said the woman smells fishy. After that encounter, the woman from our Barangay started to act different like being possessed by someone and keep on saying unfamiliar words. The family call for an Albularyo and he said, the woman is being manipulated by a mermaid. The Albularyo then advise the family to offer shinny things in the river, necklace, earrings, perfume and sweet food so the mermaid will let go of the woman. The Albularyo also said that people should always wear something shiny in their body so the mermaid will not touch them.
Before that mermaid possession incident, there are lots of people dying from our Barangay and different town who goes fishing in the river. They are believed to be drowned by the mermaid because once their bodies are found; rescuers can see big scales around the neck of the victims. So Albularyo believed that the mermaid is giving a warning to the people to not abuse their territory.