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It is another creature from Philippine mythology and folklore. A kind of ghoul that eat fetus inside the mother's womb. It is believed that this creature impregnates virgin woman. In the middle of the night, while everyone sleeps, this creature sneaks to the room of a virgin woman, and impregnates. He is invisible, the women will not notice him. The woman will mysteriously get pregnant. After a while the creature will come back and rip the woman’s womb and eat the fetus. Other's believed that even the mother will be eaten too.


Some people said, they also kill and eat a pregnant woman and her baby. To protect his wife, the husband should swing a 'balisong' (butterfly knife) above the woman's belly, while on labor.


There are no ways to notice if a matrucualan is inside the house, this is an unseen spirit that hunts pregnant woman.


Young ladies be careful all the time, he might find you….

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#1: Guest #69 (Judith) - at 03:02 on 10 May 2014

How scary!! There is no way a virgin woman could protect herself from this evil spirit!