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Anu Ang Tiyanak

In the rural areas of the Philippines we often heard about evil spirit, ghosts, witch, and other kinds of creatures seen or unseen. This belief was practiced by our ancestors and even increased because of the belief that was told by the conquerors who colonized the country.

Filipinos being spiritually involved they have been practicing rituals to drive away these monster or evil spirits that dwells in their home or nearby their place. They have been doing this for years and keep on passing it through to every generation.

One example of an evil spirit is what they call tiyanak. A baby devil in disguise…

Yes it’s a baby... everybody likes to have a baby,, a cute and huggable one.. but what if you found a freak baby...????

But why this cute baby's will soon be a little monster later on??

They are lost souls and wandering on earth. Known to be an unborn child or died before they are baptized.

Seeking revenge for what happen to them, they rise from their tombs and hunt.

Elders believe that the unborn children was taken by the devil and sent back to the land of mortals to sow terror especially to those who are responsible for their death.

But how this little monster catches their victim?

They used to mimic a baby crying in the woods.. until you find where is the sound coming from. Though it is very strange to see a baby in the woods.. Sometimes people in rural areas who encounter like this situation, doesn’t believe that the baby is real. They know that it is a kind of bait.

But some people are lured by this little devil, they will take the baby and carry it.. Then later on before he realize .. He is already bitten by a transformed baby to monster,, with a sharp claws... big eyes, shrinking skin.. old looking monster. he will tear you down and will eat your internal organs,, suck your blood until he got all the red liquid from your body.

Some little devil in the forest will try to deceive you and lost you in the woods... they kidnap children too.

But the fact is,, they are not really a baby... an old man who is just pretending just to find a victim.

This belief are known in the remote areas only..

You can avoid them by wearing a rosary and even garlic can drive them away.

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