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Kulam is the Tagalog word for 'voodoo' or 'withcraft' and is one of the most well known aspects of Philippine folklore.  It is widely known to many places especially to the provinces of the country. It affects the character of a person, their daily life and on how they treat each other in a community. Kulam, witchcraft, can only be made by a person who has knowledge about the black magic, a Mangkukulam, a person who is practicing witchcraft.  They are often feared by the people for their use of black magic. Mangkukulam uses a black magic or spell that can cause various effects to the victim, like illness, which cannot be cured by modern medicine, misfortune to love ones emotionally or mentally, lost of mental focus, lack of sleep, lost to appetite, sudden accidents, and other unexplained cases.

The folklore is a story passed to generation to generation. A person who experienced such phenomenon is passed through to their relatives, neighbors until it is widely spread to a community and to another. They tell their stories differently and interesting.

The Philippine literature contains beliefs, myths, folklore legends which inherited from the native Filipinos and from the conquerors. This has been part of their daily life.

The Hispanic colonization influenced the country and has heavy impact to the Filipinos because they are longest conquerors, stayed in the country for more than three hundred years. They introduce Catholicism religion in the Philippines. Even the country was Christianized, the people especially in rural areas, strongly believe in magical creatures, and myths and other similar stories.

Folklores, is widely spread in the country. Some people believe that this is really happening, some are practicing it. They believe that apart from human, there are some extraordinary people who are also living with the mortals.

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The Filipinos has various beliefs in mythical creatures such as Aswang, Manananggal, Kapre, Dwende, Sirena, Syokoy, Engaknto, Sigbin, Tikbalang, and many others. These are just few of the different kinds of mythical creatures which in some way it helps the people in a different way.

Let's find out what and how they use their extraordinary power. How does it help our daily life and how we can interact to the unknown settlers. The site has gathered information about mythical creatures, on how they do witchcraft, how to avoid or drive them away.

Please use the menu to the left hand side to browse through our site and read all about the various aspects of Filipino Folklore and Mythology and to discover all about our very frightening monsters and creatures.  If you have time, we would also love it if you are able to post your comments or share your stories on each page too.  I am sure others would love to hear of your experiences.

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#6: Guest #186 (Lovelyn Soriano Casas) - at 11:18 on 01 Dec 2015

..I believe in mangkukulam because I've have experienced already year 2011 I got sick w/ critical disease then instead of weeks for me to get thin it only got 2 days for me to get very thin.Upon seeing me by the albularyo who is a friend of my mom, she said I was played by a witch craft. It was a second opinion already that time, because when I went to have massage "hilot" they got white sand at my back and right legs that night and there's 0 possibility to have white sand that time in that place because there was no even near beach. I even witness that to my cousin who was witch craft by a woman I think, his right/left feet that time got bigger,blown by air like balloon. When I was the one to touch it up- down I got fish scale, snake scale and white hair of a pig..How could that happen..He even told me that he got long hair of a woman in his feet.He even told me how he witness a witch woman while she was undergoing her demonic transformation under the full moon at midnight in the grass like a dog (arab). He said the woman turned to a very scary, have long tongue and vein appeared in her face. I believe also because my father was an albularyo and at young age I witnessed many un-explainable things,like almost eaten by a tiktik when I was in my Mom's womb..I believed them because my mom and my eldest sister was the one to fight the "tik-tik" to save me..I've seen already enkantos like kapre, it is like the horse. and different unusual animal(size, eyes, speed). I even saw a white lady when I am at age 5. And lastly was September 2015 I saw black lady on our way home to our town Pudtol..

#5: adminkal - at 08:02 on 31 Oct 2015

Hi Guys hnde sa totoo lang hnde ako naniniwala sa kulam kulam pero ngaun mukhang maniniwala na ako na mai nangkukulam sakin ngaun .. 3 days na po sumasaki ung ulo ko hnde ko alam kung bkit tapos ung mata ko bigla nalang lumuha dahil sa skait ng ulo ko .. tlga inorasan ko kung anong oras sasakit ang ulo nag start ng 3pm sobrang sakit na ng ulo and the 6pm mawawla na sya at kinabukasan nmn sasakit na nmn po
ano po ba gamot dito plss help me ..

#4: Guest # () - at 07:19 on 11 Aug 2015

hello guys hindi ko alam kung kinulam ako kasi base on my experience last night sobrang masakit ung tiyan ko tumagal ng 10 minutes, while im sitting on the toilet. tapos after 10 minutes nga nagfacebook ako while using my phone pampaantok. tapos may narecieve akong txt na parang naghihigante sya. sino po ba may nakakaalam na gumagamot s nakulam. kasi still sumasakit ang tyan ko every hour. and nag take n ako ng medicine at nag pahidpahid n din ng ointment. pls help. thank you in advance.

#3: Guest #157 (Kuratang) - at 16:15 on 25 Jun 2015

Hello guys this story I'm going to share is not about I'm trying to scare you or anything just want to share.
Mangkukulam do exist in the Philippines.

My understanding about kulam is a Course done by a sorcerer or sorceress.And my grandfather is one of them of course I don't know where he used the talent that He had but don't worry He's at Peace now.
My late grandfather used to Pray a night before the full moon starting 7pm up to 12 pm and I've got no Idea about this until he passed away my Aunt told it to me. Because as I portrait my grandfather, doesn't even look like a monster or a witch.for me He was the superb Grand Father in the world.
Back in our barn 19 years ago
my grand father has fatal friend and its a cobra the only people who can get inside the barn was me and my aunt.He used to hold my hand first before I get inside. and the snake didn't even attempt to bit me.
and Am telling this because I have a proof from our close relative and I saw them doing it and If I want to use a black magic to somebody just to take advantage of anything.Yes I can but I replied I don't want it I'm happy being a normal person that's it. My tips is If you want to be safe always keep any types of metal with you and If somebody is under a spell all you need to do is take him or her in a shore and what they need to do is to go back and fourth three times to the sea.I might help him because some of the course depends on how strong the mangkukulam is.
Note:the relative of mine didn't except any form of payment if you want to make sure its from the heart and he doesn't even do black magic just a talisman except if you are part of our family it is traditionally keep for the sake of the future Babaylan.

#2: Guest #53 (lara) - at 11:38 on 15 Mar 2014

They will probably do that, to protect their daughter... :)

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